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A Short Introduction

Hi, my name is Ahmed and I’ve been studying the Pakistani car market since I can remember. I like cars, like you, who’s probably reading this blog. Ideally my target would be to become a renowned car journalist, but ideal worlds rarely come to reality. This is my shot at starting something that can contribute as a source of information and opinions about cars and the car market of Pakistan. Yes, there will be a lot of opinions that would be mistaken for facts. Come meet me we can have a healthy fist fight over a cup of tea.

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I Talk about cars...A LOT

Here you can find videos of me talking about different cars.

Here I talk about all the latest auto-industry news you might not know.

Here I write about my views on a variety of topics relating to the auto-industry.

Why are Small SUVs becoming popular

Catch my views on the sudden increase in SUVs on Pakistani roads and the future for this segment.

Toyota Axio Is a Bare minimum car

Axio is mostly used for Offices and rightly so. Hear me out as I explore the reasons why.

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Want me to make a video review on a particular car or just want to discuss any auto industry related matter or simply want to give your feedback. You are most welcome to get in touch with me.