A Short Introduction

Hi, my name is Ahmed and I’ve been studying the Pakistani car market since I can remember. I like cars, like you, who’s probably reading this blog. Ideally my target would be to become a renowned car journalist, but ideal worlds rarely come to reality. This is my shot at starting something that can contribute as a source of information and opinions about cars and the car market of Pakistan. Yes, there will be a lot of opinions that would be mistaken for facts. Come meet me we can have a healthy fist fight over a cup of tea.


I want to Thank my Team for their Consistent Hardwork. Meet them below!


He has all the skills needed to lead this diverse team of talented people. His approach is ‘Lead by example’ and all the other inspirational things found in books but he doesn’t know that because he doesn’t read.

Content/Script Writer

A very talented writer recruited through a tough screening process but worth all the effort. With an experience in writing essays in his university and barely passing the class, he is our star team member.

Editor in Chief

This person handles so many job descriptions at once. Not only the editor to our writing material but also to our YouTube videos. He knows about MS Word and Adobe Premiere. That’s it, he knows they exist. Which is enough qualification for us.

I Talk about cars...A LOT

Here you can find videos of me talking about different cars.

Here I talk about all the latest auto-industry news you might not know.

Here I write about my views on a variety of topics relating to the auto-industry.

Why are Small SUVs becoming popular

Catch my views on the sudden increase in SUVs on Pakistani roads and the future for this segment.

Toyota Axio Is a Bare minimum car

Axio is mostly used for Offices and rightly so. Hear me out as I explore the reasons why.

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Your Suggestions are Needed

Want me to make a video review on a particular car or just want to discuss any auto industry related matter or simply want to give your feedback. You are most welcome to get in touch with me.